The Management of APLIMET is committed to Quality as a system for economic production of draft beer taps and complements to satisfy the client’s needs and the legal and regulatory specifications.

Our MISSION is to help brewers to build their own brand identity at different points of sale, by exclusive Premium customisation in keeping with the strategic positioning applied by each company.

Our VISION is to be leaders on the beer tap market through flexible customisation, aligned with the brand strategy.

The Quality Policy at APLIMET is based on our values:

  • Commitment to People: Impelling their development on the basis of their involvement and professional contribution.
  • Health and Safety: A prevention culture to assure our staff and collaborators’ health and safety.
  • Full participation in the team: We encourage participation by all in order to achieve our objectives, enthusiastically sharing information and knowledge.
  • Professionalism: We act with moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people.
  • Client orientation: Our effort concentrates on client satisfaction, adding value to the brand and generating confidence by honouring the commitments acquired.
  • Design and Innovation: We continually improve by contributing innovative products in design and quality (daily effort).
  • Respect for the Environment: We are committed to the community and society, making rational use of resources.
  • Social responsibility: We integrate social and environmental matters in our commercial operations, production processes and relations with our interest groups, investing in human capital and in relations with the environment and society where we operate.

Due to this, the Management of APLIMET undertakes to:

  • Fulfil the clients’ requisites, demands and expectations. Maintain permanent contact with clients and providers in order to be able to collaborate jointly in improving the quality of the products.
  • Have control over the activities with a significant impact on product quality or service, which includes adequate information and communication with all the people who work for the company.
  • Strictly comply with the legal and regulatory requisites applicable to us and with the commitments we have acquired.
  • Achieve a commitment to continual improvement in all processes and activities by APLIMET.
  • Establish Quality Objectives in all the functions and levels of the company, to honour those commitments.
  • Involve all the employees, collaborators and other parties interested in the commitments we have established, making this Quality Policy available to them.

The Management of APLIMET
September 2017