The great Ghent Fair is upon us This day had to come. After more than a year in which circumstances have kept us at a distance, we will once again meet face to face with the brewing sector and the entire European hotel and food services sector. From the 21st to the 25th of November, […]

We will be attending the Ghent Fair. We have been waiting for this day to come. After more than a year in which the circumstances have kept us socially distanced, we will once again meet up in person with the beer sector and the entire European hospitality sector. From November 21st to 25th, we will […]

We have improved our catalogue and much more At Ideliq, we design custom dispensers that capture and convey the soul of each brand. Now, in line with our commitment to do a better job of achieving this goal day after day, we have made improvements to our website. Among other things, we present you with […]

We would like to introduce you to our new design studio, with larger and more extensive facilities to improve the creative process behind our customised beer dispensers. The new studio means we can provide you with a better experience throughout the whole process, allowing for much closer collaboration. We wanted a space on par with […]

Creating Experiences That Generate Excitement All good experiences can be improved. Always. We know this to be true because it’s exactly what we do. Even with something as apparently simple as getting to the bar, ordering a beer from the tap and enjoying it, there’s a lot that goes into it. There’s the product, there’s […]

The iconic medieval counselor of St. Bernardus, who we portrayed in three dimensions in a custom tower, represented a challenge for our design team and the resulting product proved to be a hit with the public. The unique dispenser created for the Belgian brewery struck a chord with consumers and led to a substantial improvement […]

Finishing a project is always great news. And even more so when the client is incredibly satisfied with the result. For this reason, we are happy to present the latest work from our Ideliq brand, a custom tap for Richard dit LeCastor. This beer belongs to the ​Île d’Orleans microbrewery, which was bought in 2016 […]

The management team of the well-known Tibu-Ron Group is committed to continuous innovation, which is so crucial in a period such as the one the hotel and catering sector is currently going through. Run by enthusiastic and proactive young people, the group has grown considerably in recent years. Indeed, in honour of their chameleon-like approach […]

A unique dispenser that draws on a centennial tradition Ideliq has given shape to the purest essence of Tre Fontane, the Italian Trappist beer, embodied in the exclusive beer tap designed for this project. The history of Tre Fontane moves between the mystical and the sacred, and as such the creative process involved a meticulous […]

Aplimet has made its contribution to the renovation of the cORNEr bar, located in the busy area of Paseo Chinyero in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). As part of this comprehensive project to renovate the establishment, the designers opted for a modern and asserted image, masterfully playing with light for an end result […]