When the Turkish brewery EFES Beverage Group approached us with the brief to design and produce the beer column for their new Belfast beer, the product was not yet on the market.

In this case, the client’s main requirement was urgency. They needed a first batch quickly to test the beer tower in pubs and restaurants. To achieve this, we started with a standard beer column which we personalised with a central name die-cut. We also added a neat and detailed serigraphy at the bottom depicting the city of Belfast and another at the top with the logo.

In this way, by focusing on the details, we achieved a customised final product, which established the image of the new brand and was consistent to its philosophy and values. And we achieved this in record time. The initial test was a success and from then on we produced a much larger batch, again adapting to the client’s needs.
You can see the new Belfast dispenser in our Ideliq catalogue.

You can see the new Belfast beer dispenser in our Ideliq catalogue.

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