Since 1964, the Duvel Moorgat brewery has been responsible for the brewing heritage of the Maredsous Abbey, one of Belgium’s best-known abbeys.

Today they produce three different styles of beer under a brand that is faithful to the rules of Saint Benedict: humility, simplicity and great strength of spirit.

Inspired by the values of the brand, the beer and the abbey, our design and development team created a handle that reflects its essence. A sober and elegant beer tower, with pure lines and great presence, that pays homage to and conveys its personality.
The abbey’s coat of arms presides over the entire unit, while the vertical logo, following the ascending line of the beer dispenser, is backlit with the corporate colours, becoming a visual attraction for the consumer at the retailer’s point of sale.

You can see the new Maredsous beer dispenser in our Ideliq catalogue.