Interview with Daniel López Tripiana, Aplimet’s CEO. Aplimet is the first Spanish company that innovates in the beer tap and draft tower sector, applying design, technology and emotion.

We are proud to present a new beer tower made specifically to identify the new craft beer brands from Ambar (La Zaragozana brewery). La Zaragozana is an independent brewery, located – as you can guess from its name – in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. Founded back in 1900, it has 117 years of brewing experience. The brewery sells its products under the Ambar brand.

Can you imagine a tavern where you can drink a paint of a different kind of beer every day all year long? Well, this is possible in North Carolina (USA), where we can find the bar-restaurant Raleigh Beer Garden. This tavern, opened in 2015, has 366 beer towers, one for each day plus another extra […]

Before ending 2016 Aplimet attended the BrauBevial trade show, one of the most important international events for the production and commercialization of beer and other beverages.