Aplimet has developed Six-Pack, a revolutionary solution capable of transforming beer dispensing at mass events.

This breakthrough, the result of collaboration with Damm’s R&D&I department, seeks to improve efficiency and speed of service, a critical challenge at festivals and large events where demand is concentrated and time is of the essence.

The initial challenge was ambitious: to design a system that would allow six beers to be served simultaneously without sacrificing product quality nor the consumer experience. We took up the challenge and, after a process of technical experimentation, developed a prototype that exceeded initial expectations. This prototype not only proved to be technically and operationally feasible, but also introduced innovations such as an adjustable mechanism to accommodate different types and sizes of glasses, as well as tilt adjustment to ensure perfect foam.

Our commitment to continuous improvement led us to improve its design and finishing in collaboration with the brewery’s design department and the renowned designer Martí Guixé, who provided the final touch to Six-Pack. The result is a solution that not only meets the technical requirements but also reflects the quality and style that characterise the brand. With the delivery of this project we continue to strengthen our position as a reference in innovation within the sector.