Haacht Brewery, one of the brewers we are pleased to collaborate with on a regular basis, once again entrusted us with the design and production of the tap handle for their most imperial brand, the Charles Quint.

After the design of the column with the bust of Charles V, the bar was set very high to maintain the very same level of quality and majesty in each of the tal handles for its two beers: the Ruby Red and the Golden Bold.

We had to maintain the style defined in the new redesign of the brand, which was more contemporary, modern and young audience oriented. To achieve this, our artistic team extrapolated the Charles V logo to a 3D model that crowned the tap handle. They also played with an elegant and sober piece, with straight and angular lines that fit perfectly with the brand and matched the quality already achieved on the column.

You can see the new Charles Quint tap handle in our Ideliq catalogue.

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