When we first met Marco Pasarella, the brewery’s Head of Sales and Marketing, and he asked us to design and make a dispenser that would capture the essence of an emblematic brand like his – and in a key market like Belgium –  we quickly got down to work.

The project that faced us was fantastic because of its history and values, but at the same time it was also daunting because it was the first time that the idea came up of creating a customised tower for the iconic “monk”. The important thing was to give full shape to a figure that was perfectly recognisable and that had never been presented in three dimensions before. Our artists did not let us down, and the result was spectacular, giving form, or rather giving life, to a traditional and long-lived icon.

This success was backed at the recent fair in Ghent, where the collaboration had started out a year earlier. The realism of the monk who crowns the St Bernardus tower (http://www.sintbernardus.be/) overshadowed a part of our other products, and the flow of clients and curiosity-seekers to have a look at the result of our work was never-ending. The congratulations and expressions of amazement were yet more tangible proof of the passion for detail that APLIMET puts into every one of the projects that it carries out.

For his part Marco was able to see at first hand the boost that the St Bernardus tower gave to all his premises: a greater connection with his consumers that translated into a substantial improvement in the positioning of the brand and of its sales. For us, this project is an unbeatable visiting card for positioning ourselves in Belgium.

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