Aplimet has made its contribution to the renovation of the cORNEr bar, located in the busy area of Paseo Chinyero in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

As part of this comprehensive project to renovate the establishment, the designers opted for a modern and asserted image, masterfully playing with light for an end result that is in perfect harmony with the Tenerife landscape.

Successfully achieving a microclimate of natural sunlight and carefully chosen shadows has resulted in a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

One of the key spaces, the bar, stands out for its design with its clean dimensions and a no-frills appearance. The New York and Zaragoza beer taps take centre stage, standing as symbols of the most contemporary minimalism.

These towers were chosen as a result of our ongoing advice provided throughout the project. We listen to the client’s needs and then advise them on which taps are best to implement both technically (installation with numerous dispensers for beer and other soft drinks) and aesthetically (according to the design of the establishment).

The structure of the bar is in tune with the location of the taps, making decisions based on a previous study of all the details, taking full advantage of the space, and placing the beer towers in key positions on the bar so that they dominate the space.

After lots of hard work and determination in perfect harmony with the remodelling team, the cORNEr’s bar stands as a functional element of simplicity with a tasteful design, adorned with two of Aplimet’s favourite models: the New York and the Zaragoza, in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The magnificent result of the bar’s new image has reached the pages of the well-known architecture and interior design magazine, On Diseño, in its special edition on Hotels and Restaurants, in which Aplimet also features as the architect, designer, and manufacturer of the beer taps used in the Corner Bar.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the new concept of the Corner Bar and you have the opportunity, we recommend that you set aside some time during these somewhat unusual summer holidays to visit Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The sun, beach, beautiful landscapes and wonderful people, as well as the best beers at the Corner Bar, await you with open arms.

Are you also considering a new project? Need to make a change to your establishment and want to change your taps? If you need advice, we will give you the most complete and personalised service. Call us at (+34) 93 565 01 63 and our customer service department will answer all your questions! You can also write to info@aplimet.es and we’ll give you all the information you need.

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