The iconic medieval counselor of St. Bernardus, who we portrayed in three dimensions in a custom tower, represented a challenge for our design team and the resulting product proved to be a hit with the public. The unique dispenser created for the Belgian brewery struck a chord with consumers and led to a substantial improvement in the brand’s positioning.

Ideliq‘s passion for detail in each of its projects goes far beyond mere design work, capturing the unique essence of each brand and laying bare its soul, rendering it in physical and tangible form in a product replete with meaning.

Due to the success of the dispenser, the Belgian brewery St. Bernardus presented us with a new challenge that turned out to be just as exciting as the first one: to design a customised handle for the iconic brand based on the initial tap, where, once again, the figure of the medieval counselor would take centre stage.

A replica of the tap in the form of a handle to catch the eye of all comers

Using the unique shape of the beer dispenser as a starting point, the Ideliq team worked side by side with the Belgian brand St. Bernardus to create a unique and impactful handle.

Our design and technical department worked meticulously to adapt the original design, remaining as faithful as possible to the shape, the texture, the colours and the materials that gave “life” to the figure on the initial tap.

The details of the St. Bernardus medieval counselor stand out and are captured with precision in the new project: the folds of the tunic, the characteristic monk’s habit, the endearing facial expression and affectionate gesture, his hands… and all the significant features that our team has succeeded in accurately portraying in this custom handle.

The original dispenser, suitable for single or double-tap towers, was just crying out for a new innovative concept that would allow the brand to reach a wider audience. The solution was none other than a replica of the tap in the form of a handle, ideal for multi-tap towers, and whose versatility means it can work in all types of bars, giving the Belgian brand a presence in new settings.

Thanks to the great success of the first project designed for St. Bernardus, the customised beer tower, the Belgian brewery has once again entrusted Ideliq with the task of displaying the iconic medieval counselor in the form of a handle, allowing the brand to have a presence at the bar in different types of locales.

Are you also considering a new project? Do you need a unique tap or handle, or maybe both? We can help you uncover the soul of your brand. For the most detailed and personalised advice, call us on (+34) 93 565 01 63 and our customer service department will answer all your questions! You can also write to us at and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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