From our brand Ideliq, we have designed and created a new custom beer dispenser for our new Italian client: Tre Fontane.

This brewery has placed its trust in us to create a dispenser that embodies the true spirit of its brand at the sale point. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We have created a design that pays tribute to both its origins and the style of the Roman abbey where the beer is brewed: l’Abbazia delle Tre Fontane.

The abbey is restrained in its design, pragmatic, and unadorned. It is built in brick, moving away from the Roman construction style which was very common during the time it was erected, to come up with a new trend, which is also reflected in the use of pointed arch vaults, virtually unknown at the time.
At Ideliq we have captured the style of the abbey in the design of our new custom dispenser. Both container and content fuse into one, each telling its own story, revealing the true essence of the only Italian ATP certified (Authentic Trappist Product) beer.

At Ideliq, once again, we have managed to connect deeply with our client so as to understand them, grasp their identity, and capture it in a product that will help them connect with their target market at the place common to them both: the point of sale.

You can see the final result of our collaboration with Tre Fontane in our Ideliq catalogue.

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