At the IN(3D)USTRY trade fair, we presented our Ágora project in collaboration with Pantur. This company is a pioneer in the manufacture of SMD screens, and we lead the way in applying design and technology to beer taps. Pantur and Aplimet share the desire to innovate.

From 3 to 5 October, Barcelona was the venue for the second edition of the IN(3D)USTRY trade fair, the international hub of the advanced and additive manufacturing industry, with the motto “From needs to solutions”. In the words of Salvador Tasqué, director of Own Business of Fira Barcelona, this event aims to “promote innovation in the productive processes and to support companies in their technological transition towards more efficient, sustainable and competitive production”. The trade fair was included in the macro event Barcelona Industry 4.0 Week, along with eight exhibitions and numerous events which turned the city into the capital of industrial innovation. The fair dedicated to 3-D gathered numerous technology centres, fabs labs, workshops and companies with very attractive proposals that meant that this second edition exceeded the 3,300 visitors of the last. Miquel Serrano, director of IN(3D)INDUSTRY, showed his satisfaction with the quantitative and qualitative results, and considered that “there has been transversal dialogue among all of the players of the value chain; the show is becoming distinguished from other trade fairs of the sector and is being positioned as a unique event within the ecosystem of 3-D printing.

In 2000, our appearance produced a point of inflection in the development of beer taps and columns, by applying design, technology and customisation to a sector that was not its own. After 17 years of experience, we have become a benchmark in the industry. Customised taps help to build brand identity at the point of sale in accordance with the strategic positioning of each company. But to move on, we have to reinvent ourselves constantly. This is how we have taken a step towards the future, by adding innovation and technology to our new products. This leads us to talk about the Premium series, formed by the Ágora, Iluma and The Arch models, which you can find in our production catalogue.

This series of taps has been developed by our design and engineering team in collaboration with Pantur, a company specialised in the development of stencils for SMD screens, the manufacture of precision pieces and 3-D additive. Pantur contributes to making our most innovative projects reality, dealing with from high quality 3-D printing to the meticulous finishes. To guarantee success, synergies must be created with suppliers with experience in the sector, who can assure us supreme quality production and speed in the industrialisation process. The choice of the Ágora column is due to the technological and innovative nature of the product, in which classical and modern elements converge, geometric and vertical lines that give it a stylised touch, the application of new materials and state-of-the-art transformations, such as the incorporation of the design screen, which is totally integrated and adapted to the requirements of the column.

Modelo Ágora, serie Premium

In short, it is a question of thinking of new ways to communicate at the point of sale, where the screen becomes an invitation to dialogue that facilitates interaction between the public and the brand in order to strengthen the bond. Today’s consumers are not happy with the product alone, but seek the added value that passes through the experience of establishing a connection with the world around them. And the brands that fail to understand this will be left out of the game.

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