After the agreement between Aplimet and Elisava, in the first quarter of the 2017-2018 academic year the university school students had the opportunity to collaborate with us in developing dispensers and beer columns. A whole learning process that will culminate in the presentation of a final project next Thursday, 14th December, in the university facilities.

In the last stage of Aplimet, we have opted strongly for the application of technology and emotion to design, which translates into an innovative spirit that we hope will be reflected in the students’ proposals. We are really proud of the motivation and professionalism they have shown; it has been a very enriching experience, but now it is time to see the fruit of the whole collaborative process. The students will have to demonstrate their capacity to create a functional and evocative project, one that surprises and connects with the consumer. The presentation of the 40 projects will take place on 14 December at ELISAVA, University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona. Each student will have two minutes to defend their project, which must be presented on computer support and a prototype must be developed. Stay tuned to our social networks, where we will inform you and share the details of the results.

The opportunity to bring our experience to a Design and Engineering School like ELISAVA is an important milestone for Aplimet. An initiative like this makes the work we have been doing for years visible and brings added value to the sector. To innovate, we must be receptive, willing to open our eyes, attentive to new trends. We also believe that it is necessary for companies to be linked to training centres so that they can work on real application projects. Networking undoubtedly gives feedback to all parties and contributes to joint progress.

ELISAVA was created in 1961 and was the first design school in Spain. Its foundation was promoted by a group of professionals and intellectuals of culture, committed to social and cultural modernisation. Aplimet appeared in the year 2000. We were pioneers in applying design and technology to beer dispensers and columns. In short, both the school and our company share the creative and innovative view of design to project the future.

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