The new draft tower has been designed exclusively for the new craft brands of Ambar (from La Zaragozana brewery).

La Zaragozana is an independent brewery, located – as shown by its name – in the city of Zaragoza. Its beginnings date back to the year 1900: 117 years of experience brewing beer. The brewery sells its products under the Ambar brand.

Our work to boost the brand value consisted of developing a beer tap, preserving and enhancing all the essence of Ambar based on the quality, identification and connection with the beer consumers, placing emphasis on their experience. The design concept and manufacture of the tap was performed in close collaboration with the client. This allows us a close knowledge of its needs. Thus, its concerns and expectations are shown in the end product.

We consider it is highly important to collaborate with Ambar. La Zaragozana is a brewery in full expansion, with a highly ambitious business plan, that aims to boost its presence nationwide and internationally.

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