Can you imagine a tavern where you can drink a paint of a different kind of beer every day all year long?

Well, this is possible in North Carolina (USA), where we can find the bar-restaurant Raleigh Beer Garden. This tavern, opened in 2015, has 366 beer towers, one for each day plus another extra for leap years!

The reason why the owner decided to go for this idea was to promote the local and craft beer producers, so he did not want to miss any beer that was produced in the area. Overall, it offers 144 varieties of beer of local beers from his countryside, while the other 222 are made in the rest of the United States.

So, beer lovers, now that you know about the existence of this awesome beer eden in North Carolina, you should top it in your roster of tourist destinations!

Aplimet - Récord mundial de tiradores de cerveza

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