Aplimet signed a collaboration agreement with Ursus, one of the popular Romania’s breweries. Last year the company was taken over by one of the giants of the industry, Japanese group Asahi Breweries. They have placed their trust in us to serve their beer and have purchased fifteen of our beer towers which are a perfect match for their Tank Pubs —the Transylvanian brand’s own vintage and craft concept bars. Our beer towers are handcrafted, guaranteeing that each tower has its own distinctive, eye-catching personality. This is reflected in the collaboration that we have undertaken in Romania with Asahi – Ursus. They wanted the pumps in their establishments to be more than just taps. That’s why they chose our dispensers to compliment the carefully crafted bohemian feel of their Tank Pubs.

At Aplimet we have reason to celebrate as continuing growth is always good news. We have experienced sustained international growth and we have a large client base spanning many countries. Even so, new collaborations with big breweries such as Asahi is recognition of the good work we do. Just like every brewery has its own idiosyncrasies and style, all our taps also offer the strength and range of character to meet all requirements.

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