You don’t need hundreds of years of history to be traditional. LA SAGRA is proof of that, a new client that asked us to design a customised beer tap that represented the brand’s personality at the point of sale.

The brewery, located in La Sagra (Toledo), brews different types of beers (IPA, blonde, wheat, red ale, porter…) and seasonal beers that offer the consumer an innovative, original and high quality product. They have a clear element in common: they all strictly follow traditional production methods. Made from 100% barley malt, with no additives or chemicals, LA SAGRA BREW beers are made using artisan production methods, striving for a unique flavour and aroma.

The company has a young team with a clear objective; to stay away from any aesthetic resource that would confuse that message and cloud the brand’s essence from being reflected through its tap. For this reason, we designed a cylindrical, austere and unpretentious piece. We decided to use the corporate colour all over the tap, its logo – a setting sun, the blades of a windmill and a basin – on its column and we wanted the brand’s slogan, which clearly portrays its philosophy, to have a strong visual presence. Therefore, “Taste is sacred” is boldly written on the body of the tap.

Once again, we have another happy client. Ideliq continues to expand our catalogue and an increasing number of beer brands trust in our ability and experience to portray their brand’s essence through a personalised tap that boosts their image at the point of sale.

You can see the final result of our collaboration with LA SAGRA in our Ideliq catalogue.

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