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We were focussed on the craft of the forge and the smithy until we started to specialise in beer dispensers almost two decades ago. We developed tailor-made products, created to measure, to fulfil the remit of clients who commissioned a specific tap. We soon realised that our market was too broad for limiting ourselves, and so we began to expand internationally. Today, the sector we work in is making great progress, and after almost 20 years, we are continuing to grow.

Businesses that want to use their aesthetic to make themselves stand out are potential clients for us because we are not content with creating normal taps.

For this reason, we have been travelling throughout Europe to expand our market. We were recently in Budapest, the birthplace of the ruin bars, a business concept that targets an aesthetic that is different from the norm, based on the punk and underground culture.

We were also at the Horecabeurs Bredenem international fair in Belgium, accompanying PADOS, one of our partners. The Belgian market has always been very special to us. Their rich beer culture is always an incentive when developing a design which is creative and new, while at the same time respectful of its tradition. For that reason, we are happy to continue to get new clients from that region.

In addition, after participating for the second time at Brau Beviale, last year, we will also attend Craft Beer Italy in March 2019, this time as customers. At this fair, which is also a member of the Beviale Family, we hope to make inroads into a region which is flourishing when it comes to craft beer.

We have grown a lot over recent years due to our willingness to put ourselves out there, to make proposals which are a little out of the ordinary, to seek to surprise the public with each piece. This is why we have enjoyed ourselves so much while growing, surpassing our own limits and getting a little further each time.


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