This year we will once again attend the HORECA Expo in Ghent from 17th to 21st November and we will be at stand 6438 in Hall 6.

At our stand, the main focus will be on the taps from our brand Ideliq. With them we want to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and quality at the best showcase: a globally recognised event that is tailor-made for us.

The spearhead of the entire European hotel and restaurant industry is attending the event to display their creations, inspire trends, learn and grow. In our case, Aplimet‘s twenty years of experience in creating high quality dispensers, full of innovation and cutting-edge technology, is combined with the rigour and passion that we put into personalising and portraying the soul of our clients on Ideliq taps. For this reason, we believe that our expert brand in creating custom dispensers is the perfect guest for the occasion.

In short, the date of the event has been on our calendar for a while, and we are excited to see it getting closer and closer. We hope that all attendees to the event enjoy what we are bringing to it and can benefit from all our knowledge. We hope to see you all at stand 6438 in Hall 6.

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