There’s still almost a year left until HORECA Expo 2020 in Ghent and already we just can’t wait. Having had a stand at the Expo for three years prior, we have been able to see first-hand that this is the perfect event for us. Innovation, originality, and beer: the three elements that drive us to keep on working and improving day after day.

We took a lot from the last edition in November 2019: ideas, experiences, and lessons that will allow us to develop new products from a new point of view, a sector-wide perspective. That is exactly how we are preparing for our next visit: creating beer taps which are at the forefront of our sector.
As well as everything that we want to share, there is also a lot that we want to see. We have a special affection for Belgium, especially from our personalised beer tap brand Ideliq, as many of our clients are independent, traditional breweries from the country. The reverence for beer and the culture of many different production methods make the process a real celebration of beer. In this light, displaying the heart and soul of beer brands on their beer taps is both a great challenge and a true pleasure.

So, even though there are still ten months to go, we are already looking forward to the event. We will be bringing new projects, new ideas, new concepts, and, above all, renewed excitement to dive into this great celebration of all things hospitality.

We will soon have an update on where you can find us at Expo 2020!

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