Warsteiner is one of Germany’s most popular beers, in terms of recognition and sales volume, dating back over three hundred years. Greatness and tradition come together in an exclusive product appreciated not just in Germany, but all over the world. When such a renowned brand turned to us, we put everything we’ve got into designing their new 100% customised dispenser.

We worked hand in hand with Warsteiner throughout the entire process to design and manufacture a dispenser that fully captures the brand’s essence. A dispenser that conveys its purity, with elegance but also with strength, standing out and dominating the bar with its powerful personality. The shape, the materials, and the use of light elevate it to a premium status. A combination that conveys the brand’s authenticity.

The result is a success; further proof that working closely with our clients is the way to go as it leads to great results. We’re delighted to be part of the history of one of the most important German beers.

You can check out the new Warsteiner dispenser in our Ideliq catalogue.

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