Every gesture, no matter how small, can help protect and restore the planet’s oceans. So can drinking beer. That’s the philosophy of Ocean Beer, a brewery that donates 100% of its profits to the conservation of marine spaces and takes care of the smallest detail to be environmentally friendly.

Our goal was to transfer the essence of Ocean Beer to a dispenser, being completely faithful to its sustainable philosophy. To achieve this, we contacted The Gravity Wave, a company that recovers plastic waste from the Mediterranean and turns it into recycled plastic pieces that are then used to make furniture, decorative pieces and in our case, the base of the beer column we were designing.

By combining this recovered plastic plate with other recyclable materials, we managed to create a beer column that is totally respectful of the planet. Because every action should bring us closer to a more sustainable world.

You can see the new Ocean Beer dispenser in our Ideliq catalogue.

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