The team at LA SAGRA had an idea. They wanted to produce a dispenser which was inspired by the gothic cathedral of Toledo, the birthplace of the brewery. And for us, satisfying our customer’s wishes is paramount. The brewery themselves came up with the original idea, and we at Ideliq were tasked with turning it into a reality, using their sketches as a starting point.

The tap adopts the lines of one of the pinnacles of the tower on this iconic building. Transforming the concept sketched on paper into physical form posed challenges on several levels, one of which involved attempting to reproduce the desired white ceramic effect. And we could not be happier with the result.

We worked closely with the brewery throughout the whole process, seeking the technical and manufacturing solutions required in order to give shape to this ambitious dispenser. The goal was to do justice to LA SAGRA’s original idea and to pay fitting tribute to the genesis of a world-class brewery.

We are delighted to have helped marry the artisanal spirit of the people who built the cathedral with the brand’s premium essence.

You can check out the result of our collaboration with LA SAGRA in our Ideliq catalogue.

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