We would like to introduce you to our new design studio, with larger and more extensive facilities to improve the creative process behind our customised beer dispensers. The new studio means we can provide you with a better experience throughout the whole process, allowing for much closer collaboration.

We wanted a space on par with our designs, one that would encourage ideas and experimentation, in addition to providing the ideal environment for co-creation, one of the keys to success in any good design process. Because we are committed to customisation and, as such, we are always looking for ways to take it further.

We now have a space that is much better equipped to meet the highest demands in the development and manufacture of prototypes, including elements such as a 3D printer and an area set up for holding meetings, among others. All these improvements translate into a much more comfortable way of working together on your projects.

Because in order to design the beer dispenser that best connects with your customers, we must first connect with you. A new era in the design of our customised beer dispensers has begun. With the same quality as always, but with the added plus of premium-grade facilities. We are more equipped than ever to design experiences that generate excitement.

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