Creating Experiences That Generate Excitement

All good experiences can be improved. Always. We know this to be true because it’s exactly what we do. Even with something as apparently simple as getting to the bar, ordering a beer from the tap and enjoying it, there’s a lot that goes into it. There’s the product, there’s the service and the barman’s demeanour, there’s the atmosphere in the bar itself and there is, of course, the beer dispenser. Design is an integral part of all of these aspects. Because design is in everything: in objects, in spaces and in experiences as well. And in this very special moment, we play a very important role.

At Aplimet and Ideliq, we believe – and our experience has shown us – that the connections created in a bar are powerful and that the experience is intense. We help to take it even further with customised beer dispensers for brands and establishments. Because a special moment requires a special design and one that, above all, showcases your personality: that of your brand or that of your bar. That’s why we say that the experience of drinking a good beer starts out in the hands of the person who picks the barley and ends in the hands of the person who pours it. But in between all that it passes through the hands of our designers in a step that is no less important. We don’t see the beer dispenser as a merely functional object, a mechanism for pouring a liquid. We see the beer dispenser as an experience in itself that conveys specific emotions. It should make the customer feel what we want them to feel, to ensure the experience remains etched in their memory. And the way we achieve this is through design. Both in our standard beer dispensers and in those that are 100% customised, design is always the most important element. Join us as we take you on a fascinating journey from the idea to the final execution.

A thirst to remember

It all starts with a desire: the desire to make a better connection with your customers. To design the perfect dispenser, the first step involves immersing ourselves in your product and your identity, regardless of whether you’re a brand or an establishment. The goal is to grasp what you are all about in order to ensure your values are fully represented in the dispenser. To make you stand out from the rest. The beer dispenser is a brand’s leading ambassador because it stands tall right where it matters most: at the bar. It is the centre of everything, an icon at the point of sale. Its mere presence permeates the entire room. Sometimes it screams for attention and other times it subtly stands out as it integrates into the atmosphere as a whole. The emotions it arouses may change in every situation, but it always occupies a focal point in a bar. An opportunity that isn’t to be missed.

Searching for unique ideas

Satisfying a desire or a need requires ideas. Once we have listened to, studied and understood your needs, the next step is to develop a concept. To reflect on the idea we need to convey, the emotions it should provoke and how we are going to achieve this. Because the beer dispenser, as a symbol of your brand, tells a story, your story. This concept is presented in various sketches that convey the essence we are looking for and we propose different approaches. Having several designs to choose from gives you different ways of telling the same story. That way you can choose the one that’s the best fit. To successfully reach this point, our experience as designers is just as important as our close collaboration with you. Our involvement in the process always improves the outcome. Because we are not looking for a standard solution, we are looking for the beer dispenser that represents you completely, that is unique. We immerse ourselves in this collaborative spirit more and more each day, and now with our new design studio, we have created the ideal space for developing this collaboration even further, placing our knowledge and expertise at your disposal in a space designed for working together.

Making an idea a reality

An idea can take many different forms. And all of them must be feasible. Once the most suitable design has been selected, moving from paper (the 3D design in this case) to the prototype is the key moment. If the creative process has taken place without losing sight of the technical aspects, this step from the realm of ideas to the physical domain occurs naturally. The final design can be manufactured because everything it requires has already been taken into account. We keep the technical specifications and communication requirements in mind throughout the whole process. A beer dispenser is not just a decorative object, it must be able to serve each beer with the perfect pour as the brand requires. The whole package needs to pursue this goal. A beer dispenser represents the brand and, as such, it must protect and guarantee one of its most important characteristics: the taste of the product.

The prototype represents the first time your beer dispenser can be felt and touched. The ideas, shapes, colours, materials and all the technical features have been incorporated into the prototype. It has been optimised for mass production as well as for use as a single dispenser for a special occasion. It is the first completely finished beer dispenser. This is where creativity and manufacturing capabilities come together to make the final product a reality. It’s now time to see whether it does indeed tell the story it is meant to tell.

Experience and innovation

In order for this entire process to be a success and for us to achieve a unique and tailor-made solution, Aplimet has qualities that make us stand out from our competitors: experience in both design and manufacturing, a willingness to innovate and, of course, attention to detail. Keeping up to date with trends is very important, but if you are also capable of being a trend setter, then you are very close to achieving a unique process. Our Premium line is a good example of our innovative spirit. We combine ideas with new formats and new materials and experiment with them, all with a single goal: to create the unique beer tap you desire. A comprehensive process is involved in which our design skills are combined with our manufacturing know-how and versatility to cater for both big brands and small craft beers. Because what matters isn’t the size and quantity to be produced, but rather conveying the essence of each product. We believe that all beers have the right to show themselves as they really are.

Bringing emotions to life

A carefully designed beer tap is attractive and practical. It’s memorable and it’s efficient. It conveys emotion without losing sight of the rational side of things. And it will help you stand out at the bar by highlighting your personality. Because it builds up the brand, increases sales and is a source of pride. If you don’t already have your own your customised tap, should we begin designing it today?

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