Every brewery brand has a story to tell, a soul that it wants to reflect on the tap. This is precisely what we have done with the new tower for Maneblusser, a brewery in the Belgian region of Mechelen belonging to the Het Anker group, which has once again trusted us to produce another customised tap.

To ask us for this tap after having produced the Gouden Carolus tap is the best recognition we could hope for from the Flemish distillery. For this reason, we are proud that the brewery has also been satisfied with this new custom tap. Continuing with the pieces previously made for our client Het Anker, the proposal it liked the most was a plain and simple one, with the most representative figure from the fun origin of the Maneblusser brand crowning the tap: a smiling firefighter carrying a bucket full of beers.

As our clients know, at Ideliq we are not satisfied with screen printing a name on a cylinder. For us, customisation means telling a unique personal story that establishes a link between the brewery and its customers. That’s why we’re so happy when a client asks us for more than one project, because it means that we’ve achieved what we wanted and have helped them.

You can see the final result of our collaboration with Maneblusser in our Ideliq catalogue.

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